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🥇 Boom Boosting

As semi-professional experienced boosters, we will be teaching you and leading you to the top of this game. Our boosters have been playing tournaments against professional players and we already aware about most of the typical mistakes and how to improve them easily.

We’ll offer you tips and trainings to improve as fast as possible. We are able to watch and analyze your replays, play with you and giving you lessons (with online stuff will be easy and comfortable). For sure, you will be able to ask us anything you don’t understand / you need help with and we’ll be delighted to help you.

  • All about positioning, rotating, teaming and competitive scene.
  • Improving your mechanics, including all about aerials (air dribbling, flip resets, ceiling shots…) and all about movement (wavedash, fast kick-offs, rotation, boosts…).
  • Online classes with the best stuff and the friendliest service
  • Psychological improvement for tournament and important matches.

You can just send us your Order-ID on the live chat (green) window at the bottom right corner of the website and we will simplify the process.

You can also add our booster on Discord / Skype / e-mail.

You can choose what you would like to be teached. Our coaches will try the easiest solution to make you learn as fast as possible. They will have online programmes that will help you understand what they are talking about.

  • Discord: On our Discord server, you’ll find a channel called “Streamed Boosts” where you’ll have access and the booster will start sharing your screen.
  • Skype: The booster will add you and call you to start with the lesson.
  • Other programmes: You’ll have to specify the programme you would like to use in “Special Requests” so that we will be able to coach you.

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